CellarDweller-JeremiahMorrowBrewery- Cellar Dweller
Beer- Jeremiah Morrow IPA
ABV- 5%
IBU- 60

This is a great drinking IPA. Its on short supply so come out and get it while it last. It is named after Jeremiah Morrow, founder of the town of Morrow where we are located he was also the ninth Governor of Ohio, and the last Democratic-Republican to do so. Look for more beers from us that carry local named themes. Cheers and enjoy!

With breweries so often rushing to create a bigger, hoppier IPA than the next guy, it’s often refreshing and enjoyable to sip on an IPA that’s just a well rounded classic example of the style.

When you pour this beer into your glass you’re greeted by a fresh nose of citrus and a nice zesty fruity character.  Dig your nose in above the big fluffy head and you can pick out some softer bready malt aromas to go along with it all.

As I said from the beginning, this isn’t a big massive Imperial IPA, so it drinks very smooth and easy.  It brings the brisk hop flavors to the center of the palate, and finishes nice, crisp and clean.  Refreshing is the best descriptor I can use for this fine example of an IPA.  Destined for placement in my beer cooler as the weather starts to warm up in the spring… go get yourself some Jeremiah Morrow!

Jeremiah Morrow Beer Label

Jeremiah Morrow

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