Tafts-LiquidAdventBrewery- Taft’s Ale House
Beer- Liquid Advent
ABV- 5%
IBU- 23

Chocolate brown porter brewed with cinnamon, chiles, cacao nibs, and roasted cacao husks from our friends at Maverick Chocolate.

This is how you do a Christmas beer if you’re Taft’s Ale House’s head brewer Kevin Moreland.  This is a fantastic menagerie of Chocolate and cinnamon, with just enough sweetness and spice coming in from the chili peppers that it lends a nice complexity without being overpowering.  The chocolate is clearly the star in this one, as it should be when you create a beer with Cincinnati’s own Maverick Chocolate.

A wonderful spin on Winter beer in a world full of winter warmers and big cinnamon nutmeg spice bombs, this is a welcome addition to my beer fridge!

I encourage you to take your time on drinking this one, which might be the brilliant reason that they packaged it in 16oz pint cans.  As this beer warms it really starts to unleash some of it’s more subtle flavors with the chilies and the cinnamon starting to wake up and dance with the sweet chocolate overtone.  The creamy mouthfeel never goes away though, and leaves a delicious coating on your palate that could only be compared to what it’s like after a warm cup of hot chocolate coats the inside of your mouth with it’s warm wintery goodness.

Cheers to a great winter… involving quite a few of these with friends around a warm cozy fireplace!



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