ValleyVineyardsAs one of the top of the “Oh yeah… I haven’t been out there yet” list for so many craft drinkers in the city, Cellar Dweller’s move to start pushing out packaging on a big scale this year is a very good one.  The brewery seems to slip the minds of so many Cincinnati craft beer fans, and it’s a damn shame that they do.  They’ve been spreading their beer around Greater Cincinnati in the last few couple months, and now Cellar Dweller is coming to NKY.

Look… drinking Cellar Dweller in your living room, or your local watering hole is never going to be a replacement for a summer afternoon out at their Valley Vineyards taproom with a big hunk of steak on a plate in front of you… but for anyone who has yet to even try their beer,  It’s certainly something that needs to be done.  Their series of 12oz bottles and 22oz bombers has some really good stuff already, with more promised in the coming year as well, and their draft offerings have been solid hits around town already, as well.  Their Jeremiah Morrow IPA and Cellar Blues Blonde ale are pretty easy to find already, around Cincy, and their Hopewell’s Oatmeal Stout and their Eye Opener Hazelnut Coffee Stout are incredible if you see their bombers around.

The brewery has teamed up with Charles Seligman Distributing to get their beer out there the best way possible.  You might be familiar with Seligman as the distributor that picked up local Bad Tom Smith brewing late last year for the NKY market as well.  The Distributor has been pushing beer in the Bluegrass state for more than 80 years already, a family owned business that doesn’t let the fact that they are also selling that familiar red and white can (The one that those Clydesdales used to carry around) effect their love for the craft brands that we all love so much here in the Queen City.  It’s a great move for both Seligman, as well as Cellar Dweller to keep craft moving along at it’s breakneck pace here in Cincinnati.

Keep your eyes peeled, details are still being worked out, but most likely you’ll see it start popping up in your favorite NKY bottle shops and bars in a few weeks tops.  Cheers!

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