We’ve been wondering when we’d get the chance to get our greedy little beer geek hands on this since the label first popped up back in October, and it looks like we finally have our answer this week with the announcement that Big Piney would be getting a release party this week at the Christian Moerlein Malthouse in OTR.

Big_Piney_6_PackSo… What is it?

If you aren’t as geeky, or just haven’t been paying attention, Big Piney is the newest IPA from Christian Moerlein.  It clocks in at 7% ABV and a nice 65 IBUs… It’s a bit higher ABV than we first thought it might be, pushing it out of the “session IPA” range, and square into a solid IPA arena.

They are saying the beer is a “bold, hop forward IPA straight from the forests of the Pacific Northwest”.  Packed full of Chinook hops, it’s going to have a great big Piney, resinous aroma with herbal and grapefruit aromas.

The can reads:

Camping in the woods on a dark night, unsure if you heard footsteps, an animal, or the wind.  Whispers of “what was that?” as the hair stands up on the back of your neck.  Peering out from the tent, a shadowy figure fades into the pines.  In remembrance of that epic encounter, you name the mysterious creature “Big Piney.”  Moerlein Big Piney IPA is brewed with a monstrous mix of Pacific Northwest hops that gives this creature a thick aroma of dank pine, inspiring a legend of it’s own.

BigPiney_PosterThe Release of Big Piney

Moerlein is letting Big Piney out in the wild with a few event’s scheduled around town, in addition to the six packs and draft version being available around town starting on 1/25 they are kicking it all off with a party this week at the Malthouse.

Thursday, January 21st – Moerlein Malt House at 4pm.

A few other events are scheduled around town as well….

Friday, January 29th – Party Town Friday Night Flights – 6pm
Tuesday, February 9th – The Growler House Trivia Night – 7pm
Thursday, February 11th – The Lucky Turtle – 6pm

EDIT: If you want to read my tasting notes on this beast of a delicious IPA, I can point you over to where you can do that!  But, you should probably go out and get yourself a six pack while it’s on the shelf and make up your own mind.

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