Listermann-DontTalkBrewery- Listermann
Beer- Don’t Talk Sh*t About Norwood
ABV- 4.2%
IBU- 30

Hi, I’m from the Norwood tourism board, and it’s been brought to our attention that some people are talking sh*t about Norwood.  So I am about to teach you all a valuable lesson: Don’t Talk Sh*t About Norwood! Here are some of the things that make Norwood great.

I love America. You love America.  You know what else is in America? Norwood.  Don’t talk sh*t about Norwood!

You like beer?  We like beer. We like beer so much they named a beer after us.  Don’t talk sh*t about Norwood!

You like beer?  We like beer.  This is the only beer we drink that doesn’t come in a tall boy can.  Don’t talk sh*t about Norwood!

You like beer? We like beer.  We drink this beer with breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Don’t talk sh*t about Norwood!

Norwood.  Come on down.  You are always welcome.  As long as you aren’t talking Sh*t!

Look… if you haven’t seen the video – you’ve gotta go over to youtube and watch it.  It’s freaking hilarious.  I will, however, recommend that you watch said video with one of these beers in your hand to make it that much better.

As deliciously trendy as big IPAs are, it’s always exciting when someone comes out with a no holds barred, wonderful Pale Ale, which is exactly what this beer is.

My Thoughts On Listermann Don’t Talk Shit About Norwood

When you pour it into your glass you’re greeted by a hazy, even sometimes sediment filled glass of orange elixir, with a nice big fluffy white head on it.  The aromas that drift off it’s pillowy foam range from the fruity orange citrus scents, to some melon-like sweetness.  The taste is a barrage of citrus hop notes, battling with an underlying earthy body that fills it out perfectly.

This beer is an homage to the simplicity of a traditional American Pale Ale.  Once ubiquitous to every taproom, they seem to be passed over for bigger, more bitter, “hoppier” brews that are flashier.  I dig this beer, and I want more.


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