NowhereInParticular-Batch01When I last sat down with the man who doesn’t exist, Charlie Navillus, last November to have a chat about what this whole gyspy brewing project he calls “Nowhere In Particular” was all about, he let slip that we could very well be seeing some packaged releases from his “Promiscuous Ale Project” in 2015.  It looks like he wasn’t bullshitting either, as the first label has rolled through the TTB and right here for you to see.

The beer, which is being dubbed “Batch #001” on the label is a Double Rice IPA, which leads me to believe it’s at least pretty similar… if not almost the same to the release known as ‘Inari Okami’ – which although I didn’t get the pleasure of trying, it received some pretty great reviews online from the people who have.  The big IPA has a healthy dosing of rice, which dries it out more than typical beers in the category, and it received a healthy addition of Mosaic hops as well… buuuut… again.  I’m not sure if this is exactly the same, as it’s never really identical when you’re dealing with the mind of Charlie Navillus.


Batch 001 is going to be packaged in 22oz bombers, the bottle’s wording does a fantastic job at giving you a little hint at what Nowhere In Particular is all about:

The beer you’re holding is a beer that will never be made again.  It is the only one of it’s kind and represents an ever-changing lineage meant to abolish monotony and clear the way for audacity.  Stimulated?  Well, then visit for intimate details about the bottle in your hand…

This is beer that was fired up at Rivertown Brewing in Lockland, the home of Nowhere In Particular whenever Charlie seems to find himself wandering down to our part of town for some brewing.  Keep your eyes peeled… this one’s gonna go quick!

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