Moerlein-Twelve163Every year, Moerlein does something really delicious when they release their anniversary beer.  The barrel aged deliciousness took on an even better persona last year when it made its way into bottles that were not only sold in the taproom at the release event, but also made their way around the city in some limited quantities.

This year, the brewery is releasing a beer called Twelve/163 – named such because it’s the 12th anniversary of the brewery under their current ownership, and the 163rd anniversary of the brewery’s namesake in Over The Rhine.  This years brew is a Brandy Barrel Aged Belgian Quad, that clocks in at 11% ABV, the label reads:

Founded 163 years ago, Cincinnati’s Christian Moerlein Brewing Co. was brought to life in the historic Brewery District by Beer Baron Christian Moerlein himself.  Twelve years ago, modern-day Beer Baron Greg Hardman brought the brewery back to renew the city’s brewing traditions.  To dedicate those events, we present to you our Twelve/163 Anniversary Ale.  This Belgian Quad was made using arcane brewing methods and features a full body tasting of dark fruit and clove as the warmth of the brandy washes over your palate.  This complex beer is a testament to our brewing history.  – Head Brewer Tom Hull

You can read the information from the press release all over Cincinnati’s beer media this week, so I won’t bore you with the details over again.  I’ll say that you can find the party over on the calendar… and if you’re hoping to get one of the first 163 bottles that are hand numbered…get there early.  Last years Eleven/162 sold out in less than 15 minutes!

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