We finally have our first look at some of the details of this coming Monday’s Cincy Beer Week draft at Rhinegeist.  The event is a major departure for the Cincinnati Beer Week collaboration brew in that our local breweries are teaming up to produce five different beers, with one of them headed into packaging.  If you read my previous post about it, you might be a little familiar with it, but now we’re starting to get a picture of how the event is going to run.

TinyCincyBeerWeekNot Just The ‘Geist

As only things should be for a Cincy Beer Week event, there will be a BIG selection of local beer available at the event alongside the Rhinegeist beer that you’d expect in their taproom:

  • Bad Tom Smith – Cherry Infused Coal Hearted Killer Russian Imperial Stout
  • Blank Slate – Chocolate Opera Cream Stout
  • Braxon – Dead Blow with Starter Coffee
  • Cellar Dweller – Eye Opener
  • Dogberry – Brays Brown
  • Ei8ht Ball – Little Richard Berry Sour
  • Fibonacci – Earth Daisy DIPA
  • 50 West – Monarch Pass Pale Ale
  • Listermann – Nutcase with Blackberry Jam
  • MadTree – Identity Crisis
  • Moerlein – Wild Hunt Black IPA
  • Mt. Carmel – Sap Attack Imperial Maple Brown Ale
  • Old Firehouse – Barrel Aged Old Flame
  • Rhinegeist – Juicy Truth
  • Rivertown – Bruges Berry
  • Rock Bottom – Czech Mate Pils
  • Tap & Screw – Golden Mallet Strong Ale
  • Taft’s Ale House – Skronk Juice Rye IPA
  • Urban Artifact – Citrus Finn

The Event Itself

If you’ve ever watched a draft, you’ll be familiar with how this is going to work.  The beer week comittee has “randomly” selected five breweries to have as team captains, these will also be the breweries where their respective beers will be brewed.  The team locations are:

  • Blank Slate
  • Braxton
  • Ei8ht Ball
  • Mt. Carmel
  • Listermann

The Teams – The first part of the draft will consist of teams selecting their teammates, to determine what breweries will be collaborating with each other.

Draft Order Competition – The first part will be followed by a competition to determine the draft order, the teams will compete in various games including a Scooter Race, Nerf Gun Target Shooting, Cornhole, Disc Golf and and Eating Competition featuring Cincinnati-Style Chili Coneys.

Ingredients – After determining draft order, the teams will get a chance to select the various elements of each of the five collaborative beers to be brewed.  They will be selecting:

  • Beer Style
  • Hops Used
  • Malt Used
  • Local Ingredients Used

The Details

You should be there… we understand that, right?  So, you should know that the event is free to get in, no tickets required.  96Rock morning personalities JD & Bridget will be on hand to co-host the event and of course your favorite local beer podcast, Cincy Brewcast will be doing commentary live all night as well.  The event starts at 6:30pm and runs until 10pm at Rhinegeist’s taproom in OTR, 1910 Elm Street.  I think it’s going to be a blast, and can’t wait to see how it all works out.  There aren’t a lot of times that you’re going to find this many of our local breweries in the same room together… like I said before… You should be there!

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