Moerlein-PlumStreetWheatBrewery- Christian Moerlein
Beer- Plum Street Wheat
ABV- 4.5%
IBU- 10

Plum St. Wheat is a crisp, tart ale, made with real plum fruit for a unique, provocative flavor. Made for the creative thinker, this sessionable beer features an innovative mix of malt and fruit for an approachable but intriguingly zesty finish.

I’m always up for a beer that reminds me of warm summer days, and Plum Street wheat does this fantastically for me.  Christian Moerlein has been stepping up their game in the recent past with some beers that bend styles, and really push innovation beyond the historical focus that they’ve had for a long time.

Plum Street wheat is beautiful to look at in the glass, with a hazy pinkish hue and a wispy head on it… you can smell the fruity aromas drifting off the top of the glass before you even get your nose close to it.  This reminds me of a delicious dessert when I smell it’s fragrant aroma.

The flavor is brisk and clean, with a slight tartness that really helps the fruit be punchy in taste.  It’s what I would consider “zippy” clean and refreshing… but still fairly full bodied in it’s mouthfeel.   Very tasty… I like this a lot, and can’t wait to crack one of these open in the sunshine.

Moerlein-PlumStWheat - Label


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