I know that the rumors have been flying around for a long time about the fact that Blank Slate is going to be putting their beer into packaging, finally.  But today, well…yesterday actually, was the first chance that we’ve got to get a glimpse at what that packaging is going to look like.

More Capacity, More Beer…

The problem has been capacity for a long time for the packaging plans to get off the ground, and when expansion plans were announced late last year, it came with the great news that we’d finally start seeing some packaged goods from the brewery once things were up in running.  All in all, the brewery has now seen a tripling of their size…it’s a major change and a good thing for all the thirsty fans of what they’re doing.  What’s important about all the expansion that they’ve done, is that it’s going to enable some easier growth in the future.  Things are going to be a little less “cobbled together” and a little more polished at Blank Slate.

The cans themselves will be taking a page out of the Ei8ht Ball playbook with what they’re calling a “modular design” where the cans each look the same (taking on a chalkboard-like motif) but have individual labels applied to reference each beer.  Blank Slate has decided to use a mechanical application for their labels, though, for a more uniform look to the design.  The labels will provide a little bit of a texture to the can… Sort of like a “grip” on the outside.

But…I know why you’re here…let’s look at the two labels for Blank Slate’s first cans that just rolled out of the TTB.

ForkInTheRoadFork In The Road

Clocking in at 6.8% ABV with 65 IBUs, this beer is certainly not the biggest or baddest IPA that you’re going to find.  What you will find is a great, easy-drinking beer with a balanced but complex aroma and flavor that makes you want another.  Or as the can reads:

At Blank Slate we don’t “skimp” on ingredients.  In fact, we hate that word.  So we load up this special India Style Amber Ale with the finest Citra, Centennial and Cascade hops out there.  All balanced in a way that we hope will make you say “hey guys, that’s a real nice India Style beer.”

OutAndAboutLabelOut And About

Gose is a style that seems to be right on the wave of trendiness right now.  But the first of it’s style kind in Cincinnati is this version from Blank Slate.  Coriander, Caraway, and Salt blend together to create a zippy beer that doesn’t make you think you’re licking a salt block with its proportions.  It’s brilliantly balanced and perfect for the sunshine.  The label reads:

A confession. In a world of ziggers, we like to zag.  That’s why this wheat ale uses German “Sauermalz”, a little Caraway, Coriander and just a touch of salt.  This crisp, refreshing Gose style ale is just about the thing when you are “out and about” on a warm day.

It comes in at 5.4% ABV with a light 26 IBUs.


We haven’t seen any labels yet for a bottle release, but we know that they’re coming.  Large format bottles will be used for some seasonal and special releases, most likely starting with the fantastic Ryesing Up Saison, corked and caged… so stay tuned as more starts to come out about that as well!

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