Hortense01Here comes another bottle for you to add to your MadTree collection!  MadTree has teamed up with the Cincinnati Flower Show to release a new beer next week called ‘Hortense’ right on the heels of this weekend’s Funk Day release extravaganza.

Just a little fun trivia for you… the name Hortense is French, and means gardener… see what they did there? Clever.  It makes perfect sense with this floral Saison.

The label from the bottle reads:

Plucked from the garden, nasturtium flowers from Carriage House Farms provide a peppery undertone while cucumber adds a hint of melon to the already fruity notes of this saison.  Crisp and refreshing, this beer is worthy of being the fruit of anyone’s labor.

According to the brewery, they thought that it would be fun to collaborate with the group to create a beer who’s ingredients were commonly found in flower gardens – I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m leaning towards agreement with the description above.

I’m sure we’ll get a few more details about it’s release in the very near future… but until then I’ll make my guesses that you’re going to see a small bottle release in the taproom (maybe Thursday?) and then some will also be released at the Flower show the following week… when I get final details via a press release, I’ll be sure to update this for you!


The Cincinnati Flower Show

The beer will also be released at the Cincinnati Flower show (which is why they let this label out for me to snatch up).  The show runs from April 13-17 down at Yeatman’s Cove.  You can visit their website for more info about all that flowery stuff…

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