TaftsAleHouseLogoThey’re calling them Over-The-Rhine’s leading flavor artisans, and I’m not sure that I could argue that description if I wanted to (I don’t, by the way).  Kevin Moreland from Taft’s Ale House is teaming up with Patrick Moloughney and Nathan Sivitz from Macaron Bar to create something that sounds freaking delicious.

The team is working to put out a Robust Porter infused with pistachios, which are a signature flavor of the Main Street confectionary.  But, not satisfied with the beer as the only collaboration, they’re also putting out a macaron that is made with Taft’s own Culebra Cut coconut brown ale that has just made it’s return to the OTR brewery recently.

To commemorate the collaboration, the brewery is hosting a five course beer dinner in their dining room. See the event here.

MacaronBarAbout The Beer

Taft’s Macaron Porter is described as having a roasted aroma, malty character and medium-sweet finish.  It’s also incorporates distinctive proprietary ingredients that are used in Macaron Bar’s authentic and iconic European pastries.

The beer is making it’s debut at the beer dinner I mentioned with some other special beer and food pairings, and will be available on draft exclusively at Taft’s Ale House for a limited time only.

This is only the latest in many creative outlets that we’re staring to see our local breweries start to take, collaborating with others in their communities and pushing the boundaries of what they do as brewers.  It’s really an exciting time to be part of this growing scene!

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