Kings Island's Banshee Brew Fest

They’ve been pushing to include beer more into their identity in the last couple years… not only adding better selection around the park, but also actually firing up their own private label brews from an “unnamed local producer” for last season.  But the biggest flag their waving at Kings Island to craft beer is clearly their Banshee Brew Festival.

The festival was such a hit last year that they’ve gone and expanded it this season to two separate days on TWO separate weekends, instead of the one from last year!  They’re also going to be pouring more than 200 different beers from over 50 different breweries… that’s quite the step up from last years 20 breweries and “only” 100 different beers.  I think it’s hard to argue that this isn’t a real deal beer fest now!

You wouldn’t know it from looking at the chart they released on the right…but our local breweries are very well represented at the festival, confirmed so far are:

  • Christian Moerlein
  • Ei8ht Ball
  • Listermann
  • MadTree
  • Mt. Carmel
  • The Old Firehouse
  • Rhinegeist
  • Rivertown
  • Urban Artifact
  • A couple dayton breweries are on the list as well.

Tickets are a little bit different than your regular beer festival, though, due to the event taking place inside an amusement park.  You’re ticket for 59.99 includes a full day’s admission to the park… or if you already have a season pass, you can get the cheaper 29.99 ticket to attend.  Each of the options includes:

  • 15 5oz samples of beer
  • A Souvenir Beer Mug
  • 2 Food Tickets Good for:
    • Italian Sausage, topped with onions and peppers served with tortellini salad
    • Pulled Pork served with coleslaw
    • Mesquite grilled jumbo chicken wings served with broccoli salad
    • Roasted corn station with chicken quarters

Of course, much like the event last year, you’ll find plenty to do around the park before or after the festival, and there will be live music on hand to entertain you while you sip away at your favorite brews.

You can find the event on the calendar here… make sure you mark your’s for next weekend and show Kings Island that we like our craft beer and only want to see more around the park!

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