I’m so happy to see the sheer number of medals from Cincinnati breweries from the 2016 Alltech Commonwealth Cup.  It’s a clear picture of the big things that are happening in our quickly growing (and maturing) beer community and a sign that people are going to be talking about this city’s beer more and more over the coming years.

About The Commonwealth Cup

Now in its third year, the Commonwealth cup is a beer competition that goes hand in hand with the Alltech Craft Food and Brews festival down in Lexington.

This year saw more than 340 beers from 70 different breweries.


Alltech MedalsThis Years Winners!

Like I said at the start, this is really great stuff to see this many Cincinnati medals coming home.  The next couple of years are going to be all about our city sort of “strutting its stuff” nationwide and making a bigger name for what it means to be a Cincinnati brewery.  Part of that is winning medals!  Here’s the latest batch of winners.

Braxton Brewing

  • Silver – Twisted Bit
  • Silver – Barrel Aged Lumber
  • Silver – Catalyst with Black Pepper
  • Bronze – Crank Shaft
  • Bronze – Blown Gasket
  • Bronze – Dead Blow with Starter
  • Bronze – Haven

Cellar Dweller

  • Bronze – Eye Opener
  • Bronze – Hopewells

Fifty West

  • Bronze – 10&2 Barleywine


  • Gold – Cincinnatus
  • Gold – Barrel Aged Chickow!
  • Silver – Plaetary IPA
  • Silver – Gravitator
  • Silver – Friar Bacon
  • Bronze – Chickow!


  • Gold – Galaxy High
  • Silver – BBA Axis Mundi
  • Silver – PSA
  • Bronze – Psychopathy
  • Bronze – Madcraft Nucleus
  • Bronze – Treesearch #2357
  • MadTree – Gnarly Brown
  • MadTree – Happy Amber


  • Gold – BA Gramps
  • Gold – Uncle
  • Gold – Double Oaked Mastadon
  • Silver – Truth
  • Silver – Peach DoDo
  • Silver – Panther
  • Bronze – Experimental DIPA
  • Bronze – Cougar

Urban Artifact

  • Silver – Keypunch
  • Silver – Phrenology
  • Silver – Otso
  • Bronze – Maize

As you can see, in a conpetition where 25 gold, 65 silver and 108 bronze medals were awarded, it’s hard to ignore what Cincinnati is doing… Throw Sam Adams and their 13 medals, and another 18 or so around Ohio and you’ll really start to see what I mean by our beer scene really starting to do something worth noting.  Keep it up Cincinnati!

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