OFB-PinUpBrewery- The Old Firehouse
Beer- Pin Up Girl
Style- Blonde Ale
ABV- 5%
IBU- 15

An easy drinking, slightly malty, traditional American blonde ale, with a slightly fruity clean finish. Brewed with a malt blend of 2-row, munich, aromatic, carapils, and crystal 20 along with a hop blend of warrior, goldings and willamette.


Let’s try not to mention “gateway beer” in these tasting notes, shall we?  I know that a lot of people like to think of Blonde Ales, or Golden Ales as such… and I think it does beers like this a disservice to always assume they’re for “new craft drinkers” who might not know what they like yet.

This beer is tasty, delicious and has a rightful spot on the taps at Williamsburg’s Old Firehouse Brewery.

When you first pour the beer, the aromas that leap out of the glass are grassiness and an earthy crackery aroma as well, punctuated by a light wispy floral hop scent on top.  Diving into the glass you are blessed with an effervescent, easy drinking beer that lifts itself up with a strong earthy character that holds the fruity and floral notes together.

This beer is balanced, sweet, but not in a bad way.  Refreshing is the best way you can describe a beer like this.  Gateway? Not always… delicious, certainly.



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  1. Adam and Lori have a top notch operation, they are also personable and friendly. The ambience of the Taproom with the willingness of Adam to explain the equipment and processes makes this the total craft beer experience. Kudos to you and your staff.

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