TinyQuaffBrosIt was back in 2012 when Listermann Brewing Company and Quaff Brothers first collaborated on Brown Chicken, Brown Cow – a big 9.5% ABV Brown Ale aged in Bourbon Barrels, and it’s starting to look like the rumblings of it’s return might be true. ¬†This label made it’s way through the approval process this month, giving us a glimpse at the fantastic new artwork that we could be seeing on the bottles when they finally make their way into our hands.

My tasting notes from the last release are pretty simple, but give you a decent impression of what the beer was like –

Bourbony – Slight heat coming through a woody and slightly sweet body – Damn… this is pretty tasty.

This description from Danny Gold from the Party Source’s website¬†might be a little more descriptive though:

The color is a beautiful mesh of cocoa, ebony and mahogany. The nose is dominated by rushes of brown sugar, chocolate malt, syrup/molasses, nutshell, vanilla, coconut, oak and Bourbon. The flavor profile is as smooth as butter which keeps with the Quaff theme on this one, “say it fast drink it slow”. Medium to full-bodied, it captures the essence of KY’s best used Bourbon barrels to make a session-able style of beer that is so frequently dominated with Bourbon flavor and booze. Coffee cake, vanilla extract, almond and chestnut along with some slight char can all be found in this one. It is well balanced and would mate perfectly with everything from grilled lamb and goat to desserts as well as a full-bodied smoke.

Keep your eyes peeled to social media to hear a little more about the details of this – I’ll also keep you posted right here, and will update the post as soon as I get a solid date for you about it’s release!

Brown Chicken Brown Cow Label

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