Brewery- Fifty West
Beer- Punch You In The Eye PA
Style- IPA
ABV- 9.2%
IBUs- 100

Ever been punched in the face with a fist full of hops?  Well pucker up, because at 100 IBUs you’re about to take one straight to the kisser.  Weighing in at 9.2% ABV, this brew isn’t a love tap, it’s a haymaker.

My Thoughts On The Beer

This is an IPA that Cincinnati can be proud of.  It’s not just a very nice looking beer in the glass, with it’s amber-tinged yellow color and big sticky head.  It’s freaking delicious to go along with it.

Aromas are floral citrusy fresh, with a note of summery outdoors.  The beer has layer upon layer of aromas that are fun to go through, but the taste is where this sucker shines.

Big, bold, and citrusy, the hops dominate this.  But behind it all is that caramel malt flavor that really punches it up to the next level.  The beer finishes with a bit of alcohol and a bitter hop bite.  There’s no mistaking what you’re drinking when you put this one back.

Impeccably balanced, I honestly consider this one of the best IPAs coming out of Cincinnati right now.  It’s killer.

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