FiftyWest-LagerBrewery- Fifty West
Beer- State Lines Lager
Style- Pale Lager
ABV- 4.3%
IBUs- 16

Finally, a light bodied lager that doesn’t skimp on the flavor.  This clean, refreshing take on the lager style masterfully blends noble hops with malt sweetness to create a crisp, thirst quenching brew that perfect for drinking in the hot summer sun.

You won’t find this delicous, easy drinking lager on the shelves at your favorite bottle shop.  I think they make that clear with the massive “Not for Retail” label slapped across the can.  No, these are special.  Crafted especially for the Fifty West Prodcution Works, the ultimate in easy portability while you’re playing volleyball, or hanging out on their patio with your friends after a long night of canoeing.

My Thoughts On Fifty West Lager

It pours a very pale, light color with a decent sized white head that emanates a bouquet of floral and fruity hop aromatics.

The taste of this gem is light, but refreshing with a nice dose of the same floral and fruity flavors.  Sweetness lies in the background making this go down very easy, and at 4.3% ABV, I’m ok with it going down as easy as it does.

You’ve heard people (probably even me) say it before, that every beer “has a time and a place” – and this beer certainly finds it’s time and place very easily in the summer heat at the Production Works.  Don’t let that make you think that it’s not a great beer though.  It deserves a spot in your glass as much as any one of their other beers does, from Punch You In The EyePA or even Penny’s Pilsner – This may be a light lager…but it’s a wonderful one.


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