Moerlein-KolschBrewery- Christian Moerlein
Beer- Schutzenfest Kolsch
Style- Kolsch
ABV- 5.2%
IBU- 25

Introducing Moerlein Schutzenfest – a Kolsch style ale celebrating camaraderie, tradition and brew.  With its roots in the fifteenth century European legend of the marksman sacrificing an eagle to save a child’s life, the Schutzenfest became a popular German festival.  It was imported to Cincinnati in 1866 by a group of German Civil War soldiers, and continued by the Cincinnati Kolping Society beginning in 1925.  To learn more about the history of Schutzenfest in Cincinnati, please visit

Kolsch has been deemed by so many craft drinkers as nothing more than a “gateway beer” something that you only drink if you are used to one of the big macro beers.  If you’re spending any time thinking along those lines, you’re going to miss out on some fantastic stuff, not just in the craft beer arena – but more importantly here in Cincinnati, too.

Take this beer from Christian Moerlein.  At first glance, it’s light… it’s golden.  There’s a big pillowy white head on top and it’s easy to think this is just another “gateway beer”.

Not even close.

My Thoughts on Christian Moerlein Schutzenfest Kolsch

Upon first sip of Schutzenfest, you’re graced with a aroma of fruit.  It’s not easy to identify what exactly you’re getting, but it smells like a farmers market.  Fresh fruit and sunshine topped off with a decidedly outdoorsy malt profile tucked away in there.

The flavor brings a little more to the party, with some melon like flavors showing themselves up front, and a  really great zippy carbonation helping bring out a minerally quality that might otherwise be hidden behind all the flavors.

This is a stunning example of why you should never write off any beer style because of what other people tell you it’s supposed to be for.  Gateway beer?  Ha.



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