FiftyWest-CoasToCoastBrewery- Fifty West
Beer- Coast To Coast
Style- IPA
ABV- 6.8%
IBU- 70

Named after Route 50, which spans the US from coast to coast. This American-style IPA seeks to blend the fruity and balanced attributes of an East Coast IPA with the dank, resin characteristics of the West Coast style.

This IPA is sort of named after the highway that stretches across the country, the road that the brewery gets its own name from – Route 50.  The can though is a little something special even on top of the beer inside.  Much like this years other release (Doom Pedal) this is a “Golden Ticket Can” – pulling the label off get’s you a free ticket into their Fifty Fest.  But… I suppose you’re probably here to talk about what’s in the can, not what’s on it.

My Thoughts On Fifty West Coast To Coast

There are a lot of IPAs in Cincinnati, let alone in the country right now.  It’s an easy task to brew something that will get lost in the shuffle of IPAdom.  Coast to Coast doesn’t get lost in any crowd, though.  Pouring a really nice golden color, with a BIG sticky head on top.

The aroma screams West Coast if that’s actually a proper descriptor… it’s a forest of danky resiny pine needles with a soft breeze of fruity aromas that drifts in and out of it.

Diving into the glass, you’re greeted with a wonderful bitter bite of hops, packed into a lighter mouthfeel.  The ABV sits right in that middle range, making it slide down your throat with ease, and begs another sip.  Drink this fresh…those hops are a wonder to behold!



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