Ei8htBall-MikeCzechBrewery- Ei8ht Ball
Beer- Mike Czech
Style- Pilsner
ABV- 5.5%

Czech Pilsner that will leave you refreshed and wanting more. Crisp, dry, refreshing, and full of flavor. The malts in this beer lend a light bread character and the Czech Sazz hops add the perfect balance of hop bitterness and flavor.

My Thoughts On Ei8ht Ball Mike Czech

Pouring into the glass a light, crisp, and clear yellow color with a fizzy white head – this beer is stunning and leaves me with the desire to just place it in the sunlight and look at it.  It’s beautiful.  I’m not one to just look at beer, though.

The aromas are lightly floral hops with a kiss of citrus.  Almost “breezy” in it’s nature if that makes any logical sense, fleeting…but fresh and outdoorsy.

Whe you taste the beer you are greeted by a effervescent light beer with a great floral character in the taste.  This is a finely crafted experiment in finessing a beer.  It’s refreshing, and perfect for drinking outside.  It’s easy to lose the delicate flavors, so it demands your attention as you sip away at it’s frothy goodness.

I could drink a lot of this.  It’s great stuff.

Mike Czech LabelGnarly-MikeCzech

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