Rivertown-NiceMelonsBrewery- Rivertown
Beer- Nice Melons
Style- Berliner Style Ale
ABV- 3.8%
IBUs- 10

Smooth. Succulent. Satisfying. Soured. Nice Melons was crafted to bring pleasure to the mouths of the drinkers looking for that puckering pop on a sultry day. Pouring brilliant citrine with an unmistakable candied watermelon nose, this Berliner Style blends sweet and tart into one unmistakeable mouthful. And, just like a set of nice melons, will make your mouth water.

There is noting immediately fun about hearing that one of your local beers is being replaced, or losing it’s spot in the line up for something ‘new’ – nothing exciting, that is, until you get to taste what it’s replacement brings to the table.

Such is the story of Rivertown Nice Melons.  A beer that first made it’s draft appearance as ‘Watermelon Divergent’, it quickly started winning over the hearts of drinkers in Cincinnati.  I don’t know that there is a “perfect spring beer”, but if there was to be a lineup of the best of the best, I’d certainly expect this one to be hanging out right there.

My Thoughts On Rivertown Nice Melons

The beer pours a very light color with a small, quickly dissipating head, but as soon as you start the pour you are greeted with the fresh aroma of watermelon.

When you get your nose over top of the glass, you can find an underlying grassy or earthy aroma as well, very spring like if you ask me.

The taste? Puckeringly tart with a fresh zing of the watermelon.  This goes down so easily, it’s a good thing that it’s wrapped up in a package of only 3.8% ABV, because it begs to be drank over and over.  The hot summer sun is a perfect companion to this thirst quencher – just wonderful!



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