Rhinegeist-StreakerBrewery- Rhinegeist
Beer- Streaker
Style – Rye IPA
ABV- 6%
IBUs – 60

A crowdsourced Rye IPA dry hopped with Citra and Mosaic hops that race across your palate in a lively, yet intimate and wildly exposed jaunt — flaunting tropical fruit, dank, pineapple, and mango aromatic acrobatics.

My Thoughts on Rhinegeist Streaker

This beer hits a couple “firsts” for Rhinegeist.  It’s their first ever “Crowd Sourced” IPA, with their fans voting last summer for it’s ingredients.  The resulting beer was released in bombers, and was such a smashing success that they just had to release it in cans.  Now here it sits.  Secondly, this beer is the first of what they’re calling their “Power Pale” Series, which you’re going to be hearing more about this season.

As for Streaker, though… I told you how much I liked this last year when it came out, and that love has certainly not waned since then.  This beer is just great.

It pours into the glass a dark golden color with a medium off white head.  Aromas of tropical fruit and really nice underlying pine and outdoorsy smells fire up from the beer.

The taste is a really fun interplay between the great sticky, piney hops and a bright citrus tropical flavor.  Behind all this is a full bodied Rye note that reminds me of bread (of course).  This beer is a well balanced dance between the different flavors.  If you’re a hop-nut, this beer is right up your alley.  Perfect for a summer afternon, the people know what they are doing when they select their own ingredients!



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