There are few things that get me more excited than news about a new beer, and Rhinegeist has done just that this month.  I caught a new label sliding through the TTB, quickly followed up by a little hint of some upcoming stuff tucked away in some tasting notes.  What do I do with such happy knowledge?  I share it with you… duh.  So – Let me introduce you to the Rhinegeist Power Pale Series

What’s the Power Pale Series?

In his tasting notes for Streaker, Rhinegeist’s head brewer, Jim Matt dropped a nugget of information for us about their upcoming packaged releases – he mentioned that Streaker would be the first of a “new” series that they are calling the Power Pale Series.

In his words, it’s a series of “higher hopped” Pale Ales that will be rotated through on a seasonal basis.  He also told us what the first three would be:

  • Streaker
  • Crash
  • Pure Fury

What we don’t know is exactly how many beers will be in this series, or if for sure they’ll all be cans.  The first question I would guess is that there will be at least four of them – and the second would be a yes, since we have seen all three of these either in package, or approved for it.  So – no, we don’t know… but I can guess, for sure.

About The Beer

You can read my tasting notes for both Streaker and Pure Fury already to learn a little more about them – so I suppose that the really fun one today is the reveal that Crash will become part of the series as well.


The label for this beer reads:

“An explosively hoppy Pale Ale, Crash combines potent aromatics of Azacca, Equinox and Cascade hops to comust with tropicality, citrus, peach, tangelo and papaya – a kinetic and delicious hop explosion.”

It comes in at 5.4% ABV with 44 IBUs.  A nice, easy drinking (but big on hoppy flavor) Pale Ale.  It’s right in Rhinegeist’s wheelhouse and the perfect addition to the Power Pale series.

Since this label has popped up right around the time that the announcement about the Power Pale series has come to light… we can certainly assume that we’re going to see it soon.  But my standard disclaimer still applies.  This is just a label approval, it doesn’t mean anything for certain!

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