Wait… what’s this all about?  What’s the Cincy Brewer Series?

Well… it’s a mash up of music and beer, something that this city absolutely thrives on if you’ve noticed.  You see, Soul Step Records has decided to start the series which will pair up a vinyl release, a musical artist, and of course a local Cincinnati Brewery.  Brilliant?  Yes… I think so.

Each release will be a local artist, released on 7″ vinyl, paired up with a free show at a local brewery and will feature a special beer done the night of the show from the brewery.

The series was born from the mind of Melvin Dillon from Soul Step Records, who wanted to find a way to tie the two things he loved together: Music and Beer.  The series was designed as a way to bring music to people who love it, and help bands connect with new fans that might not have heard of them previously.  There is a big charity side to this too – Soul Step Records eats the upfront costs of doing a record for an artist and then splits the profits 50/50 with the profits going straight back into helping someone else do the same thing.  It’s a cycle of helping other people in music.

Part One – MadTree

The Series was kicked off in September:

  • Date – September 4th, 2016
  • Brewery – MadTree Brewing
  • Artist – Krystal Peterson & The Queen City Band

Soul Step does all their releases similarly, with the first 100 pieces being done on limited edition colored vinyl, before the rest are pressed on standard black vinyl. This one is no exception, with the limited edition pressing done on half purple, and half red vinyl.

Part Two – Listermann

Here comes the second part of the series:

  • Date – December 3rd, 2016
  • Brewery – Listermann/Triple Digit
  • Artist – Sylmar

The first 100 pieces will be done on ‘Ocean Blue’ vinyl, with the rest on standard black.  The event starts at 7pm, and of course there will be a special free show by the band, and a special variation of Listermann’s Elusive DIPA on tap as well to celebrate.

Part Three – Braxton

Part three… finally!  We had a gap that was too long for me, but the series is still trucking along!

  • Date – August 5th, 2017
  • Brewery – Braxton Brewing Company
  • Artist – Young Heirlooms

The newest release in the series celebrates SSR-022, a new 45 from Young Heirlooms at Braxton Brewing Company.  There will be limited beer infusion on tap, of course – and the band will be playing a free concert from 8:30-9:30 that night.  If you make it early, you’ll get a limited edition pint glass if you are one of the first to order the special beer.

Part Four – Rhinegeist

Part four of the series is taking place in Over The Rhine, at one of Cincinnati’s biggest and most popular spots, Rhinegeist.

  • Date – November 22nd, 2017
  • Brewery – Rhinegeist
  • Artist – Modern Aquatic

This release will find Modern Aquatic setting up at Rhinegeist for not only a free show at 9 pm, but the release of their 7 inch vinyl single and a souvenir pint glass to pair up with their special beer for the night.

Part Five – 3 Points

After a long hiatus, the Brewer’s series from Soul Step returns with part five, taking place in Pendleton’s 3 Points Urban Brewery.

  • Date – April 5th, 2019
  • Brewery – 3 Points
  • Artist – Knott’s

With this release, Knott’s will play a free show at 3 Points and will be releasing a 45 single of ‘Until You/These Days’.  To celebrate the occasion, 3 Points will also be brewing up and tapping a special beer to mark the occasion.  If that’s not enough for you, there will also be a special pint glass available too!

Stay tuned here for more info as each new edition of this series is shared! For more details, of course, you can also hit up the Soul Step Website!

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