Rivertown-BlueberryBrewery- Rivertown
Beer- Blueberry
Style- Flavored Lager
ABV- 4.3%
IBU- 19

Juicy, crisp, clean and invigorating, this American Fruit Beer pours a brilliant golden hue as bright as the summer sun. With a sweet, malt-tinged, fruity aroma, our Blueberry Lager strikes a refreshing balance between its American 2 Row malt base and vivid Blueberry flavor resulting in a beer that is the perfect pour for the long, lazy, hazy days of Summer.

This is an easy one to skip over when you’re looking for something to drink.  I know that the “flavored fruity lager” thing doesn’t always excite craft beer fans – but for the love of all that is beer, don’t!

My Thoughts On Rivertown Blueberry

It doesn’t look like anything particularly earth shattering in the glass.  It’s just a typical golden color with a small white head on it.

The bright aromas of fresh blueberry lift off the top of the glass though, immediately.  This smells wonderful, tons of blueberry enters your nose at a million miles an hour.

The taste sits right there with the aroma, although it reminds me more of a blueberry cobbler, with an underlying breadiness that is an expected pleasure.  Fresh, bright and aromatic… this is dessert in a beer glass defined.

Can someone please tell me why I don’t drink more of this every summertime?  It’s making me want to keep a dedicated row on my beer fridge for it every time the weather turns warm.  Delicous!



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