Blown Gasket.Covington Kentucky’s Braxton Brewing Company is going to make a lot of their fans happy with this one.  The brewery is releasing the next beer in their seasonal can series on October 4th in their taproom.  You should be able to find it very soon thereafter all across Cincinnati, and Northern Kentucky, and it comes back on draft on the 14th.

Blown Gasket should make a lot of people pretty happy, it’s been not only a crowd favorite but has also been one of only a couple beers that have won multiple awards since the brewery opened their doors in early 2015.

About The Beer

Let’s start with what the brewery says:

Brewed for those times when you need to blow off a little steam.  A darker offering with a moderately strong malt character.  Notes of toffee and chocolate.  This porter is robust as a new gasket kit, black and smooth like poured oil.  Delicous black oil.

It clocks in at 7.5% ABV with 20 IBUs – this is well suited to the cooler months we are (unfortunately getting ready to enter).  If you remember, this beer was on tap right from the get-go when Braxton opened their doors (it filled the place that was supposed to be occupied by Dead Blow, until that beer came on line a little while later.

I could be wrong about this, but I think that the folks at Braxton were probably caught a little off guard by how much this city loved this dark, heavy porter.  It only made sense that when they re-worked their lineup that this needed to become a seasonal selection.  It made even more sense then too, that when the cans started rolling out this needed to be featured on shelves and refrigerators all across town.


About The Release

In typical Braxton fashion, they aren’t just quietly putting this beer on the shelf, tucked into a dark corner of liquor stores across town, they’re going to throw a couple events to celebrate in the taproom.

You can RSVP to the can release event on facebook, or the tapping event on the site as well.


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