ei8htball-daltonsBrewery- Ei8ht Ball
Beer- Dalton’s
Style- Fruited Sour
ABV- 5.5%

As a satire of Zwanze Day, Against the Grain teamed up with several breweries across the country to create “Swayze Day.” Ei8ht Ball decided to brew a kettle soured kriek. This beer has tons of tart cherries for a perfect balance of sweet and sour. And remember, pain don’t hurt.

I love sours.  I love tartness.  This beer really nails it for me if you couldn’t guess.  I don’t care if it’s got a gimmicky or funny name – this beer means business.

My Thoughts On Ei8ht Ball Dalton’s

Even if you didn’t know that the fruit of choice in this beer was cherries, you can figure it out pretty fast when you pour it into a glass and look up on it’s light ruby colored hue.  Aromas of the cherries are certainly there as well, with a light brush of cherry cordial drifting off the top of the glass.

The flavor, though?  You get immediately punched right in the mouth with a puckering tart sourness that kicks the salivatory glands into high gear right off the bat.  The light cherry sweetness leaves a lingering touch of flavor on your tounge, that only serves me to want another sip, followed by another…and another.  At 5.5% abv, I don’t know that I would call this a “session ale”, but It’s most definitely one that you can drink a few of without the undesireable effects that can come with the territory.



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