I bleed orange and black, and it seems that this entire city does too.  Not just in reference to our football team, but our beer as well.

If you aren’t already in love with MadTree’s Blood Orange Psychopathy, get yourself ready to fall in love with it very soon.  The beer is going to be making itself known in a can format all around town starting Sunday, September 11th in the taproom.

Blood Orange PsychopathyWhat’s The Beer Like?

I have a very hard time believing that there are still any large number of people who are reading this who haven’t had, or at least heard the hype surrounding this beer yet, considering how delicious it is.  I will still give it a fair description, though… just in case.

The brewery uses real blood orange juice to pull out all the bright citrus flavors that are already there in Psychopathy to start with.  Balanced out by an underlying sweetness, and a lingering floral quality – this beer is a true work of art.

Delicious may not even describe it well enough.

MadTree Blood Orange PsychopathyThe Cans

Being the first craft brewery in Ohio, MadTree still knows how to make a splash when they release one.  The artwork on this is done by the same artist that designed the original Psychopathy can, Margaret Weiner – and the design not only reminds you of the original, it screams football season with a great orange and black motif.

They will be releasing the packaging in the taproom on the 11th, and they will then start making their way out to bars, restaurants and retailers the following week.

Disabled American VeteransThe Party

Again… the brewery really knows how to get a city excited about a new seasonal can release.  They’re throwing a party on the 11th, which coincidentally is also the season opener for the Bengals…who coincidentally sport team colors that are the same as those on the cans themselves… brilliant!

They are using the event to raise money for a good cause, the Disabled American Veterans.  Fifty – yes 50% of all the sales of Blood Orange Psychopathy cans, t-shirts, and posters sold that day will be donated to the DAV in support of the Disabled American Veterans 5k at Sawyer Point in November.

Fifty Percent.

I’m excited about this beer… I love the design, I love what’s in the can.  But dammit people, I love this community so much.  There are things about craft beer that blow me away day in and day out.

Blood Orange Psychopathy Label

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