streetside-brewery-logo-refining-redI know that the “next brewery to open” line getc thrown a bit more than it probably should.  I try really hard to stay away from stuff like that.  I can’t help it though, I have good news for you – this is the next brewery to open in Cincinnati – Streetside.

I have been really bad about keeping you guys up-to-date on their progress, but damn… it’s near impossible to have any kind of timely updates when you get a building put up so fast, and then fill it with a brewery even faster.  I’m serious impressed at how quickly this seems to have come together.  So, off the bat, I apologize for not keeping up with it all better, and to make it up to you – here ya go!

When Are They Opening?

October 7th, 2016

Yep, as in less than a month from today.  The date is a Friday, and they’re going to dive head-first into it with a full day.  I expect people to be lined up at their door for their first crack at what the brewery is offering all weekend (More on that in a moment).  The doors open at 4pm, so take a quick nap before you go, it’s going to be a long weekend of drinking for Cincinnati!

What Can You Expect From The Brewery?

I’ll certainly have more about this before the opening date (I’ve heard some rumors that there might be a chance for a sneak peek #BloggerPerk) but this brewery is really going to be unique to what other types of spaces are around in Cincinnati right now.  You might have read a little bit about the brewery when I wrote about it last, but if not, I can sum things up a little bit.

The space is designed to be open, but very separate – taproom to brewery.  Streetside Brewery’s taproom sits up on the second floor with a fenced wall overlooking the big open 2 story, atrium like brewery space below.  Lots of reclaimed wood, and rustic accents make the space feel warmer and more comfortable.  It’s familiar, and yet new and refreshing for a Cincinnati brewery.

Should we talk about what’s on tap, now?

The Beer

I somehow managed to snag an exclusive on this as far as I know…but the opening tap lineup is a stellar one to say the least.  I have yet to get to try any of Garret’s beers, but after reading this over and over this morning, I’m eager to say the least.  They’re going to have a mix of their own beers and some guest taps to even things out, and I’ve got to tell you, even the guest taps are pretty freaking fun.

House Brews

  • Streetside – IPA
  • Streetside – Porter
  • Streetside – Pale Ale
  • Streetside – Raspberry Berliner Weisse
  • Streetside – Apricot ESB
  • Streetside – Blonde Ale with Green Tea and locally sourced Honey (This won’t be ready until Saturday the 8th)

Guest Taps

  • Wienhenstephaner Pilsner
  • Shorts Bellaire Brown
  • Stone Mocha IPA
  • Dogfish Head Namaste
  • Ciderboys Cider

This isn’t really the type of post where you’re looking for my opinion on anything and I know that.  Tough cookies…I pay the bills.  I need this Green Tea and Honey Blonde Ale in my life, right now.  Sure, that Raspberry Berliner, and the Apricot ESB have me pretty curiously excited.  But dear lord… I need that Blonde Ale right now.

I hope that everyone is going to try to get down there, This is exciting stuff, and is going to bring great things to the breweries already in the neighborhood, Bad Tom and Blank Slate.  I want to offer up my most sincere good luck wishes, congratulations and a big Thank You to the Hickey family for making this all happen, I can’t wait to see how it’s all come together!

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