They’ve only been open for two weeks (officially) and they’re already adding some stuff that only improves the taproom experience.  Food!  On top of that The Woodburn Brewery has unleashed a few new beers for you to try when you make your way down to have a quick bite and a drink.  I’ll break it down for you guys, just in case you need a reason to get out of the house and go drink a few beers today!

MazunteTo Eat

Good Mexican inspired food goes with well crafted beer almost better than anything else (except maybe pretzels and cheese). Because of this fact (yes, it’s a fact) I can’t even tell you how great it is hearing that the brewery has teamed up with Mazunte to get some Mexican street food into their taproom to keep us drinkers from getting the old grumbly belly syndrome.

Starting this weekend the brewery is offering up a few different things to for their customers:

  • Toastada Sliders
  • Chile Verde
  • Beeria

The best part is that it will all be less than $10, so as to not cut into your drinking budget too much!

Woodburn Brewery MugTo Drink

On top of the food additions, they also adding to the part that matters the most.  The Beer.  Not only is the crowd pleasing Lactose loves Peaches back on finally, it’s being joined by a few new goodies as well.

  • Imperial Pumpkin Ale – This was hinted to us from Chris and Dennis when we were out at Woodburn for Cincy Brewcast, and it’s here!  The fall seasonal weighs in at 8% ABV at 40 IBUs.  The brewery says that the recipe is made to envoke head brewer Chris Mitchell’s family pumpkin pie recipe, and that it’s made with more than 6 pounds of pumpkin per barrel.  They have also added a special blend of pumpkin pie spices from Colonel De’s and a bit of lactose to give it a slightly sweet finish.
  • Lovitt IPA – The Woodburn prides themselves on collaborative efforts, even from within their brewery.  This IPA is from assistant brewer Nate Lovett, who wanted to give a Woodburn spin to the New England-style IPA craze.  This comes in at a hazy 6% ABV and 50 IBUs.  He used Jarrylo and Fruity Blend hops including more than 3lbs of hops per barrel in the dry hop.  The beer is full of juiciness with a pleasant, bitter finish.
  • Berliner Weisse – This is the one that I’m looking forward to the most.  It’s a classic Berliner soured in the traditional way with strains of brettanomyces, lactobacillus and pediococcus. Pleasingly tart with a delightful funkiness.  The Berliner was designed to be an approachable sour for craft beer fans who have yet to dive in head first to the world of funk.  They’ve also created a few different syrups to sweeten things up if you desire: Raspberry, Blueberry, Blackberry and Mixed Berry are available.

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