I teased that this might be coming on Facebook a while back, and we finally have word that the time has come!  Ei8ht Ball doesn’t release bottles of their beers very often, and when they do, it’s usually something pretty fantastic.  If you want to talk about Barrel  Aged K-Hole, fantastic is a very proper descriptor to use.

Ei8ht Ball K-Hole LabelAbout Barrel Aged KHole

How do you make a delicious beer even better?  Barrels.  This beer is a big stout packed full of all the flavors you’d want out of the style.  Expect a big blast of roastiness and mellow smooth sweetness balanced out with a slight kick from a boozy 15% ABV.  To take things to the next level, the brewery gave this beer an addition of Cocoa, Lactose and Coffee and let it snooze in some bourbon barrels as well.

The adjunct additions pick up on some of the best flavors of the stout and kick them up into high gear.  The 2 years that it spent in barrels should bring about a bit of vanilla and a slight woodiness, the rest of the flavors?  I’ll have to let you know once I get some in my face.

Dip Your Own Bottle

We all know that one bourbon that has wax dipped bottles, right?  Well, ask any person who has taken a tour of their distillery what their favorite part was, and they’ll talk about how fun it is to dip your own bottle that you can take home with you.

Taking a cue from the fun that dipping bottles can be, Ei8ht Ball is letting you do just that before you take your bottle of K-Hole home with you.  Their release event runs from 6-9 on Friday the 18th, you can buy up to 3 bottles of this barrel aged treasure and dip ’em yourself to make sure that it’s perfect.  Oh… it’s also a Friday, which means it’s bacon night!

You can find the event on Facebook, and you should probably share it with a few or all of your friends – you’re not going to see these bottles anywhere else, so this is your chance!

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