She’s the newest label approval, and maybe the next big bottle release that we’re going to see from the East Side brewery.  They’ve been putting out some really fantastic stuff in the last year with their taproom series of bottles (you should actually head over to this link and have a look-see at what you’ve missed out on), and if these previous releases are any sign – I’m pretty excited about what this one could be like.

Let’s dig in and have a look-see at what we can decode from the label, which is a lot.

About The Clairvoyant

Here’s the description that is written on the bottle:

Behold, Clairvoyant, an experimental Belgian-style Dark Ale.  Coming in at 12.4% ABV, and aged 8 months in oak barrels with brettanomyces, this big complex ale has notes of rich cherry, balanced oak and a hint of tartness.  This high gravity brew finishes smooth with a pleasant warming sensation that goes down easy.  Perfect to enjoy now, or cellar for a special occasion.

Now… this tells me almost all that I want to know.  A Belgian-style dark ale that has been stashed away in barrels for a while is big enough, complex enough to really get me curious.  But the addition of Brett into his kicks it squarely on my must-purchase list.

You can bet that the Clairvoyant will age for a long time, and continue to change as it does so.  There is no telling what those little bugs are going to do to this over time.

I want you to get excited about this, but keep in mind that I haven’t heard any details back from the brewery about this release – so not only is it possible that we’re still a ways away from its debut… this is only a label approval, so barring any sort of confirmation from them, it’s always possible that they’re just messing with us and we’ll never see this at all.  Stay tuned, I promise as I get more details, I’ll pass them on to you!

Mt. Carmel - The Clairvoyant

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