listermann-elusiveBrewery – Listermann
Beer – Elusive
Style – Double IPA
ABV – 8.3%
IBU – 80

You hold in your hands the equivalent of a unicorn fighting the Loch Ness Monster.  A beer with hops so hard to find, we can only brew it a couple times a year.  Elusive is our single hopped, Double IPA that showcases some of the mythological hops that brewers have a really hard time acquiring.  If you see this beer on the shelf, you know its fresh because we make less than 50 cases of each batch.

Why not?  If you’re going to make a big Double IPA that is packed full of delicious hoppy goodness, why not pack it full of hops that are hard to get?  It’s the Listermann way I suppose, and I’ll take it.  They have a whole series of this beer that pops up on draft format (and hopefully in bottles as well) and they’re all pretty delicious.

The beer, if you read the description above, is a single hopped Double IPA… it’s big, and full of different flavors depending on which hop you get your hands on.  No worries if you’re holding a bottle, though – they’ve devised a color coded cap system to tell you what hops you’ve got:

  • Green – Mosaic
  • Blue – Galaxy
  • Silver – Citra
  • Orange – Amarillo
  • Black – Simcoe
  • Purple – El Dorado

My Thoughts On Listermann Elusive

I’ll update these with each bottle as the beer is released… so check back!

Mosaic – This hazy DIPA won’t smack you in the face with a bitter hop bomb.  In fact, the malty sweetness lends a breadiness that when coupled with the citrusy and fruity hop profile reminds me of a fruit farm in the fall.  You get a lot of outdoorsy fall scents, and a bright fruit aroma that plays really nicely with it all.

It doesn’t have a bite that you might expect from some double IPAs, and that makes it really nice and drinkable.  Delicious beer, certainly worth grabbing if you see it on a shelf again!


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