It seems like new Municipal Beer is the theme of the month for Hamilton! Right on the heels of their recent release of the Duelist, their Belgian Stout (which is fantastic) Municipal Brew Works has two more beers that are dropping this week to please all of us fickle beer drinkers who are always looking for the next new thing.

The new beers have already joined the lineup at the taproom, so if you haven’t already made weekend plans, add this one to your list of places to visit!

BlackBerry Duelist Stout

For this beer, they took their Duelist Belgian Stout, and infused it with fresh blackberries.  Just like the Duelist, you can expect some slight smoke and roast at the start that leads into the esters of the Belgian yeast.  I’m told, though, that the blackberries add a totally different dimension to the finish of it, though.  The blackberries compliment the Belgian yeast to create a smooth semi-sweet fruity finish with just a hint of tartness.

Recovery Red Ale

This beer has the clear and crisp color of red fall leaves, all thanks to a heavy dose of Red X malt.  The malt gives this beer a smooth drinkable caramel and toffee middle that ends with a crisp, quick and slightly hoppy bite at the finish.  I have a sneaking suspicion that this one is going to be a hit!

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