Brewery- Braxon
Beer- Blown Gasket
Style- Porter
ABV- 7.5%
IBU- 20

Brewed for those times when you need to blow off a little steam. Blown Gasket is a darker offering with a moderately strong malt character. Notes of toffee and chocolate. This porter is robust as a new gasket kit, black and smooth like poured oil. Delicious black oil.

This is a beer that caught all of us off guard.  When Braxton opened their doors, they had intended for their Tropical stout, Dead Blow, to be on tap.  They were having some issues getting it ready for the quickly approaching opening date, and instead put Blown Gasket on.  The beer was a smash hit, since then winning multiple awards for the brewery.

The beer speaks highly for what the brewery is capable of when it comes to dark, deeply flavored beers… in my opinion, one of the finest porters that you’ll find in Cincinnati.


  • Bronze Medal – 2015 Alltech Commonwealth Cup
  • Bronze Medal – 2016 Alltech Commonwealth Cup

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My Thoughts On Braxton’s Blown Gasket

Deep, dark, roasty.  These are the easy descriptors for Blown Gasket.  However, when you really start to dig in, you’ll find a lot more from this beer.

Aromas are all roasted coffee, chocolate and sweet malt.  It’s light, but robust in its aroma, if that makes any sense.

Taste, though… it’s full bodied and full of roast.  The chocolate and coffee notes kick in full gear once the beer is in your mouth.  This beer is fantastic.  Perfectly at home in my glass as the weather starts to cool off.

Braxton Blown Gasket

2 thoughts on “Braxton Blown Gasket”

  1. Chad Harrison Ford

    You, My friend, are so right about the Porter. This time of year we get our Oktoberfests, our Christmas Ales and our porters. And this porter stands alone in its class. One of my favorite beers, local or not. Great job, Braxton.

    1. It’s fun when you have such great stuff like this locally, I love not having to look outside of Cincinnati for delicious beer. We live in a very good place, in a very good time.

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