It’s finally here – well, the announcement is finally here.  It’s been more than a year since planning first started on the new, massive MadTree location at the old RockTenn building on Madison Rd in Oakley.  I’ll keep this short and sweet since you’re going to be a bit overwhelmed with news stories about this in the very near future.

MadTree 2.0The New Location, 2.0

We’ve talked about this new space before, but let’s highlight it a bit.  The project was an $18,000,000 investment, and if you haven’t driven past it… it is absolutely massive.  We’re talking about more than 50,000 square feet of usable space, with an additional 10,000 square foot outdoor partially covered beer garden.  A double-sided bar will be between the indoor taproom, and this massive outdoor space.  Imagine it this way, if you stand in the middle of MadTree’s current space it’s about the size of this beer garden.  I’m talking the whole building…taproom, brewery, fermenter farm… all of it.

2.0 will have more bathrooms, more parking, a bigger quality control lab, a bigger Catch-A-Fire pizza… it’s going to be incredible.

The Grand Opening

Every year, MadTree throws a massive party for their anniversary, that they call the Winter Bonanza.  The party will take place on February 11 at the new location.  The Bonanza will include a HUGE selection of beer, including a full lineup of current and past favorite MadTree beer.  They’ll also have other breweries from around the region and the country with beers that are not usually found around Cincinnati.

Live music, tons of food offerings… there’s going to be a lot of stuff happening with this party – as the brewery starts to release more details, I’ll pass them all on to you.

For now?  What you need to know is that February 11th needs to be marked out on your calendar – this is the start of a new wave of MadTree in Cincinnati and well beyond.


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