ua-slideruleBrewery – Urban Artifact
Beer – Sliderule
Style – Chocolate Raspberry Gose
ABV – 4.9%
PH – 3.5

Fresh raspberries intermingle with velvety chocolate in our sour and salty goes base, yielding a level of decadence usually reserved for the “bigger” beers.

Preceding the digital calculator, the “slipstick” was a conceptually simple method for quickly multiplying and dividing.  Calculate your thirst.

How do you make a Gose wintery?  I’m not sure that I thought it was possible until I got my hands on Sliderule for the first time.  You might remember this from its debut as Abacus, but it’s got a new name and a new life as one of the debut beers in the line of cans from Urban Artifact.

The brewery doesn’t cut any corners when they add their adjuncts to their beers, with only real fruit and cacao nibs going into this beer to make it into the masterpiece that it is.

I laughed a bit when this beer first debuted in January of 2016, because it sort of represents everything that a Cincinnati winter has the potential of being.  It’s dark color, and deep chocolate flavors work great with the bitter, cold days that literally bite at your face.  The other side this beer, though, it’s tart crisp and refreshing personality works on those stupid winter days where the sun cuts through and warms the air just enough for you to crack a car window.  It’s the perfect Cincinnati winter oxymoron of a beer… if that makes sense.

My Thoughts On Urban Artifact Sliderule

Slide Rule pours dark and hazy in the glass, it’s a far cry looks-wise from any of their other Gose variants that they brew.  It certainly looks like a winter ale if I’ve ever seen one.

Aromas though start to hint at its “other side” – I get a bright burst of fresh raspberries and behind them is the lingering scent of sweet chocolate.  It’s very reminiscent of a candy bar… only in beer form, of course.

The taste of Sliderule is best described by one word – punchy.  It’s bright and clean raspberry tart flavor hits your mouth quickly.  With the chocolate and saltiness that comes in with the lingering finish.  It then seems to sit in your mouth… with the raspberries fading and leaving the chocolate behind begging for another sip.

So good.  So unique.  So tasty.






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