The High Society Series is a sort of ‘Experiemental Playground’ for the Listermann Brewing Company. The collection of barrel aged goodies is a fun place for the brewery to throw bottles out of all the stuff that just doesn’t seem to fit into another release. In a beer world of fickle drinkers that are always looking for the next new release, or the next thing that they haven’t tried before – I think this series is right on line with what Listermann should be doing, and where they get a lot of their strength from.

As each release comes out, you’ll find a quick summary and some tasting notes here!

Gin Barrel Aged Blonde Ale with Honeydew Melons

Blonde Ale – 6.5% ABV – Gin Barrel Aged

Why not? If you’re a place like Listermann Brewing Company, why wouldn’t you create a lighter beer (this comes in at 6.5% ABV that tastes like a wonderful gin cocktail? The brewery created a perfect version of just that. This beer would be at home with the hot sun beating down on my shoulders, though it seems like it is still a worthy companion as an after dinner drink. It’s refreshing, clean, bright but still full of flavors that compliment each other extremely well.

Release Date – 11/25/16

Barleywine Style Ale Aged In Bourbon Barrels with Coffee Added

Barleywine – 9% ABV – Bourbon Barrel Aged

This beer was a complete departure in a different direction from the previous Blonde Ale. It’s big, bold, and packed full of flavors that range from malty, sweet breadiness to a bourbony sweetness and background booziness to a great wood character that is topped off by a fresh lightly roasted coffee. It’s reminiscent of the cooler weather versus the summer sipper that the Gin Barrel Blonde reminded me of.

Release Date – 11/25/16

Gose – Aged in Tequila Barrels With Gooseberries Added

Gose – 7% ABV – Tequila Barrel Aged

I expected one thing, and was gifted with something completely different when I tried this beer in the Listermann taproom.  Yes, it’s a Tequila barrel aged gose, but that doesn’t mean that they’ve created a beer that is designed to mimic a margarita.  What you get instead is a full flavor bomb that twists itself from the smokiness of the tequila, to a woody blend of earth, a bright punch of berries and finishing up with a punctuation of saltiness.  This beer is nothing like I expected, but something that I will think about now every time I see a beer aged in Tequila barrels.

Release Date – 9/23/17

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