It seemed like for a long time, this city did nothing but scream about getting Blank Slate beers into packaging, and when the cans started rolling of the line at the brewery it was a big deal of a lot of thirsty drinkers.  The brewery launched the can series with two offerings (Out and About and Fork in the Road – which you can read a little more about).  Well…now it looks like they are gearing up for at least their next release!

Keep in mind, as all label releases go, there is no guarantee that we are going to see these cans, or if we do when that will happen.  All we know by the approval is that the brewery can do it.  With that said… this is great news!

If you aren’t familiar with Blank Slate Fume, you are missing out on a Cincinnati beer that has gained a ton of local fans for its unique take on a style.  The beer is a cherrywood smoked porter, and uses its smoke character to lift the flavors to a place that you won’t find in a lot of other porters, without becoming overwhelming.

About The Beer

Before we really dig into this, you have to understand that Fume is not just a porter like you’re used to, it’s a brown porter.  The style was around before the porters we know today, and was slightly sweeter, with more caramel flavors than the roast of the porters that are usually found around here.

This is all even before we get to the specifics of fume.  Fume takes the style and adds a cherrywood smoked malt to the party.  There was once a time when all beers had some degree of smokiness to them.  Grains were traditionally roasted over an open flame, before technology enabled things to move to what we know today.

Fume pays homage to those early days, adding the smoked malt to bring a refined smoke character with a unique flavor profile.

Keep your eyes on social media, where you will be the first to know when the brewery plans to get this one to us!

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