ua-finnBrewery – Urban Artifact
Beer – Finn
Style – Berliner Style Pale Ale
ABV – 5.3%
PH – 3.8

A meticulous blend of our house lactobacillus and the fruit-forward aromatics of Mosaic & Triskel hops provide aromas of citrus & apricot, balanced by a delicate malt character and a clean tart finish.

Radbod was the last of the ancient Frisian Kings.  Finn, his mythical war helmet, granted invincibility to its wearer in battle.  Respect your ancestors, share a Finn.


This was one of the beers that Urban Artifact led with when they opened their doors, now according to scores of people across this city (and beyond) it’s quickly become the centerpiece of their core lineup of beers.  It’s a sort of mish mash of styles, as a lot of the beers at Urban Artifact tend to be.

It was pretty soon after opening up for business that a writer for GQ happened to stop at the UA taproom for a beer, and fell in love with this brisk, tart, citrusy pale ale.  Because of this wonderful twist in fate, Urban Artifact had this beer written up in GQ’s ’50 Best Things To Eat, Scarf, Sip, Spread, Slam, Savor, Scoop, Dip, Download (Yes Download) & Drink Right Now’ for 2015.

It’s been a solid ride for Finn ever since – it was one of two beers that debuted in packaging from the brewery – just further cementing it’s status as a local favorite, I’m sure!

My Thoughts On Urban Artifact Finn

This beer is perfect when you’re looking for something fairly sessionable, but packed full of a sour, mouth puckering flavor.  The beer is beautiful in it’s glass, a bright, clear golden color with a thin off white head.  Aromas are mostly crackery, bready, earthiness, but there is a definite blast of some fresh citrus there from the hop additions.

When you taste Finn, you’re first greeted by a tart punch to the palate, which quickly gives way to a clean citrus bite.  As you let it linger on your tounge a bit, you can start to find a hidden layer of breadiness in the background…. though very hidden away.  Clearly the bright clean tart citrus punch is the star of this show and lifts this to a level beyond most other beers that you’ll find with a ‘Berliner’ style tag on them.






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