I know, I know.  You’re a craft beer fan and you love your big IPAs.  And we’ve all heard you before when you have said that Braxton isn’t bringing you enough IPAs to keep you happy.  In fact, it looks like Braxton has been listening too.  Not only did the brewery just finish releasing their ‘Spotlight’ white IPA in cans this month, they’re not stopping there and made a real gem of an announcement yesterday to their builders that will probably make you pretty happy.

Today, Braxton is taking pre-orders on their latest bomber release called Tropic Flare.

About Tropic Flare

This beer is a big Imperial IPA, clocking in at 10% ABV, and 100 IBUs.  It’s packed with Galaxy Hops – and we know how much you love your Galaxy hops, don’t you?  Let’s take a look at the label:

We’re not kidding when we say we have no remorse for the heavy-handed use of Galaxy Hops in this mouth-watering bomber bottle.  Notes of citrus, peach and passion fruit flavors, tropical island aromas smack you in the nose, lifting you far away to another destination of flavor.  Go ahead, take that journey you’ve been wishing for.

Are you excited yet?

The bottle is a fresh take too on design for the brewery, bright, tropical, bold – I guess it does have flare.

When Can You Get It?

Like I said before, if you’re a builder – you hopefully already got your exclusive early access pre-order in yesterday when the email went out.  Otherwise, the pre-ordering begins today, and everyone gets to head out to the Braxton Garage to pick their bottles up next weekend on the 14th at noon.

Does this appease all the hopheads?  Something tells me that even if it only scratches the surface, it’s going to get a few people looking different at the “lager guys”.

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