Brewery – Braxton
Beer – Dead Blow
Style – Tropical Stout
ABV – 7.2
IBU – 27

In the Midwest, there are certain things you can count on. Like hard work, hot summers, and the love a father feels for his family. We’re serious about these things here. That’s why our dad was never too busy to put down his hammer, sit with us on a red dusk night, and share a story or two. And we loved those times. The thing was, dad wore the years of patina on his face and knew it was just part of his job. So in honor of those dads, we call this deep tropical stout Dead Blow, to remind ourselves that hardness and goodness sometimes go together.

I don’t know what eighty pounds of macerated dates look like, but I do know that the first time they scaled it up and brewed it on the big system at Braxton, this beer caused a few headaches for the brewing team.  Once they had the process figured out, though, they created a beer that is really unique in the Cincinnati beer scene.  A dry, roasty, fruity, beautiful stout whose character shines brightly in a sea of stouts.

This was a big deal for them to put into cans, as I’m fairly certain that it was the most shouted for core beer that people wanted to be able to take home.  It’s place on Cincinnati shelves is a long time coming.

My Thoughts on Braxton Dead Blow

In the glass, this beer is dark.  It’s nearly black with a medium foamy head on it.

Aromas are slight cocoa, with a fruitiness that sits on top.  It’s light, with a little roastiness to go along with it.

The flavor though… man this hits a lot of sweet spots for me.  It’s full-bodied, but dry, with a slight sweetness to it.  There is a little more roastiness in the flavor than the smell would have led on.  The fruitiness from the dates is there, but doesn’t smack you in the face, its subdued and smooth.  This beer is fantastic, and not something that you’ll find a lot to compare to.

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