Brewery – Braxton
Beer – Spotlight
Style – White IPA
ABV – 6%
IBU – 35

Get out of the way everyday IPA’s. We have something special for you. Take a long look at the deep straw body and cloudy head filled glass. We bet you’ll get caught staring. With high hop character and refreshing notes of fruit and pice, Spotlight White IPA is a perfectly brewed union of two distinct beer styles; the American IPA and wheat-based Belgian Wit.

Spotlight was born out of the Braxton garage in the form of their Beta Series.  Fans of Braxton’s beer were enamored by their Beta 3.0 which took the citrus flavors that so many people love, and paired them up with a great Belgian yeast strain, all packed into an IPA package… it was love at first sip.  After a few tweaks, and a move to the bigger system, Braxton’s next seasonal beer made its debut into our world, rolling off the canning line in a spectacular flurry of gorgeous white cans.

It’s a beer that stands out in the cold season, with its summery profile.  But tucked behind it is a great Belgian character that makes perfect sense with the biting weather outside.

My Thoughts On Braxton Spotlight

I don’t usually get too excited about IPAs, not that I don’t like them, they just don’t get my blood pumping.  This one takes the style on a stroll from the ordinary, though.

It looks great in your glass, for starters.  Which is still important to me.  Brilliantly sparkling with a thick white head on top.

Aromas right after its poured are citrus, lots of citrus. It’s followed up by a spicy Belgian note that only gets stronger as the beer warms up a bit in your glass.

The flavor runs the gamut… it goes back and forth between the IPA character, and the Belgian Wit, with cloves, and some really fun bubblegum notes playing with the citrus hop flavors.  This is a beer with a personality, and it’s a beer that I wish would stick around longer than it does.  Spectacular.

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