Brewery – Braxton
Beer – Tropic Flare
Style – Imperial IPA
ABV – 10%
IBUs – 100

Tropic Flare is a 100 IBU, 10% ABV, delicious double IPA. Brewed with 100% Galaxy hops, it’s overflowing with notes of citrus, peach and passion fruit.

It’s brewed for the hopped at heart. We’re not kidding when we say we have no remorse for the heavy-handed use of Galaxy hops in this mouth-watering bomber bottle. The Tropical island aromas smack you in the nose, lifting you far away to another destination of flavor. Go ahead, take that journey you’ve been wishing for.

They may not have any remorse for making such a heavily hopped beer at Braxton Brewing company, but that’s probably because it’s so damn tasty.  If you’re one of those highly vocal hop-heads that has been screaming for Braxton to make more “hoppy” beers, then this one is definitely for you.

100% Galaxy hopped, this beer is packed full of every tropical, fruity flavor that you’d expect.  It’s big, bold and bitter, and will bite just enough to remind you that it’s not kidding around with you.  If you remember the collaboration beer that Braxton did with Wilmer Brothers back in 2015, you’ll probably be reminded that when they get a wild hair up their butts, Braxton likes to put together some BIG IPAs, just to make sure that they still can (and to quiet the IPA crowd down a bit).  This is a beer right along those same lines as Shoptalk (Their first big Imperial IPA, a collaboration with Widmer) was.

Tropic Flare is a big departure from what you’d typically see on the taps in the garage, not just in flavor, but in the look of the bottle too.  The bright green label that’s put on at a 45 degree angle makes this one pop.  It stands out in your fridge amongst all the other beers that can often blend together into one big hoppy mess of cans, bottles, and bombers.  If bold was what they were shooting for, Braxton nailed it on all sides.

My Thoughts On Braxton Tropic Flare

I’m going to try not to keep telling you that this beer is “Big and Bold”… though that’s probably the best descriptor for what you get when you crack the bottle open.

When you look at it in the glass, it’s a medium orange color, with some dark, almost amber looks to it in the right light.  The head is big, frothy and blasts the beers aromas right out of the glass.  You can’t ignore it.

Without even getting your nose anywhere close to the top of the glass, you can smell the tropical fruit from the Galaxy hops.  It’s packed full of mango, peach, and a warm citrus scent that reminds me of shopping at a farmers market in the summer time.  Once you get your nose over top, and let the hops have their way with your senses for a little bit, you’re finally able to get the maltiness in the form of a bready aroma that’s tucked away behind it all.

The taste doesn’t hold back either with Tropic Flare. It punches your palate with a barrage of bitter citrus.  The alcohol warms from the inside out, and the flavor lingers for a long time after it all settles down.  This is a sipper, a sharing beer… but you’re not going to get any of mine, because I accidentally drank it all.


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