Urban Artifact announced today that their previously scheduled release for next Tuesday’s #TapTuesday return ran into some unexpected delays – and they’d have to reschedule it.  This is sad news.  However… as you’ve already seen in the last month, the brewery is popping bottles out like they’re going out of style, and they’ve got another one ready to go.  This is good news.

Barrel Aged Kicksled

Kicksled is the brewery’s winter spiced stout.  In their words:

Hints of vanilla, dark rum, and roast waft from the glass followed by the creamy, sweet flavor of freshly baked cookies. A decadent winter treat!

The normal version of it is pretty damn tasty, coming in at 7.1% ABV.  It’s one of their “not-so-sour” offerings, and a crowd favorite this time of year.  It uses lactose, and nutmeg to really pick up flavors that are reminiscent of a glass of eggnog, but in a much better way (I don’t even really like eggnog, but this beer is great).

This bottled version, though kicks things up another notch.  George Remus bourbon barrels were used to take the flavors from the vanilla beans, lactose, and nutmeg that are added to this to another realm.  The abv picks up a bit, bringing this up to 8.1%.

This will be on tap next Tuesday, 1/24 in place of The Gadget, and the 16.9 oz bottles will be released, again in place of The Gadget.  They are hoping that the delay will be resolved in about a week, but I’ll keep you up to date if that changes at all.

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