This event started small.  I mean… how many people were going to show up for a tasting of a bunch of barrel aged beers?  But Jungle Jim’s was on to something back in 2014.  The event that was christened the Barrel Aged Beer Bash grew, and kept growing.  It’s funny… all of the reasons that the festival tries to stay small are the same that it’s become big.  These are beers that are high in alcohol, full of big flavors, rare, limited releases.  Most of these don’t ever see the inside of a bottle.  And people love that, I love that.

This years festival is going to see more than 100 different beers being poured from breweries not just here in Cincinnati, but from across the country.  That’s up from the 80 or so that you could find at last years festival.  If you’ve never made your way to Fairfield to experience this festival you probably should.  Even ignoring the fact that I’m going to be doing an episode of Cincy Brewcast from the event… there is still plenty of reasons to go.  Here’s your details:

About The Festival

The festival all takes place on January 14th, 2017 from the Oscar Event Center at Jungle Jim’s, Fairfield.  With your ticket (which you can purchase here) you’ll get a commemorative glass to drink from that night, as well as access to beer from every barrel imaginable.  There’s whiskey, wine, tequila barrels, and more.  You’ll find every style you can think of that has been put into a barrel, big Imperial Stouts, Funky and Sour wild beers, all sorts of Belgian goodies.  It’s pretty fantastic.

Hoboken Eddies and Chili Rocks will be there slinging the food to keep you from letting the beer get the best of you, and Servatii’s will have their signature big soft pretzels too for between drink snacking.

Look… just be there.  It’s unique, delicious and fun.  What else do you need to convince you?

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