Motorworks - VTwinBrewery – Motorworks Brewing Company
Beer – V Twin
Style – Vienna Lager
ABV – 6% ABV
IBUs – 24 IBUs

Bright copper in color with a creamy head. Light toasted Munich malt aroma with a moderate, but firm, hop bitterness to balance out the rich Vienna malt taste. Slightly creamy mouthfeel that dries in the finish.

It’s no surprise that this beer is a bronze medal winner from the Great American Beer Festival, as  it’s a really great example of what you might want from a Vienna Lager.   It’s as they’d say “true to style”.  This delicous beer very quickly became the brewery’s best selling beer in their bar and restaurant which you can find in Braedenton, Florida, for those reasons – coupled with the fact that it’s damn delicous too.

If you aren’t local to Florida, though (I’m not either…) it might make you pretty excited to know that the brewery started canning this, and a couple of their other beers, back in 2015.  Their distribution footprint stretches far and wide, with their brews being found on shelves across the country.

My Thoughts On The Beer:

This beer really surprised me with how delicous it is.  Unassuming when you first pour it, it’s a copper color in the glass with a light sweetness on the nose, it’s not until you start sipping that this really starts to show it’s best side.

You’re blessed with a sweet beer, with a toastiness that hides behind the sweetness near perfectly.  Lower carbonation just pushes it to another level with a creamy, smooth mouthfeel.

I think that although I’d be extremely happy drinking this on a chilly night in the fall or winter, it probably really hits its sweet spot for me on warm summer evening.  Sit yourself outside in a chair under the stars with some friends and crack this one open.  The stars will align.

Motorworks - VTwin

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