latitude42-beachcruiser-1Brewery – Latitude 42
Beer – Beach Cruiser
Style – American Hefeweizen
ABV – 4.5%

Beach Cruiser is our unfiltered American Hefeweizen served with a slice of lemon. This cloudy refreshing ale is brewed with imported German hops and organic wheat malt to provide a thirst-quenching experience.

One look at the can that holds Latitude 42’s ‘Beach Cruiser’ American Wheat Beer says all you really need to know about the beer.  It’s an homage to summer time.  The design showcases an old ‘Woody” Cruiser on the side along with a bright blue sky and yellow sand.  It makes me long for the warmth as I’m writing this in February.  I’ve Gotta give props to ‘Kelly White Design’ for the artwork.

I know that there are a lot of us ‘Craft Beer Drinkers’ that frown on the easy drinking Blue Moon, or Oberon, or similar wheat beers with a heavy fruit presence.  Me?  Love ’em- especially in the summer time.

This beer seems destined for a tall glass next to the pool this summer, and I might even take the advice of the brewery and slice up a big piece of lemon and shove it on the edge of my glass.  If that offends you… well… I don’t know what to tell you.

My Thoughts On Latitude 42 Beach Cruiser

The beer pours just like you’d expect from a well executed American Wheat – it’s hazy as all get out, with a big white head on top.  The golden yellow color mimics the sand that is featured on the can label.  It screams summer sunshine.

Aromas are soft and fruity, with a nice spiciness that shows itself if you’re able to get your nose in the glass without inhaling a nostril full of foam.  There is a lemony quality that reinforces the brewery’s decision to serve these with a slice on the glass.

You aren’t going to mistake this for a German Hefeweizen when you taste it, although there is a definite yeast character that I love.  Clove spiciness plays well with the citrus fruit, with a long lasting, linger of bread for the finish.  Really nice beer… now if we could just do something about this winter weather dragging on.








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