If you haven’t been up to Oxford to check out their tiny little brewpub, Quarter Barrel, yet… let’s start by scolding you and telling you that you’re missing out on a really great place.  Now that you realize you should get there, I’ll tell you a fun little nugget of news that I’m hearing, they might be opening up a second location in Hamilton to make it a little easier for you to try their beer.

The Details

When I heard about all this, I was understandably excited.  I love the place – but even a drunkard like me has trouble getting up there as much as I’d like.  Putting them in Hamilton makes all that a LOT easier.  I reached out to head brewer Brandon to see if there was any truth behind what I was hearing.  Good news flowed through my inbox that day, that’s for sure.

When we start rolling through all this, and your beer-drenaline starts pumping, keep in mind that none of this is finalized… nothing is official yet.  I’m jumping on this news before I probably should just because it excites me.  So be patient as they work through all this.

This is most definitely going to be a second location for the brewery.  It’s going to maximize their efficiency across both locations.  Oxford will not go away… but this will enable the whole idea to work even better.

The (possible) Space

Quarter Barrel has a building that they are looking at.  It needs some work, though.  We’re talking about a complete overhaul of the space, which means that they’re still waiting on the numbers to come in to make sure that it’s all going to work out.  If it does, we’re talking about a building right in downtown Hamilton, with a rooftop beer garden offering up views of the River, and the downtown area.

If the space doesn’t work out, they have some other ideas too, which might involve a new concept that they’re being tight lipped about right now.  Fingers are most definitely crossed right now that it’s all going to happen.

Why You Need To Be Excited…

I have a big love for nanobreweries.  I think they serve people very differently than our big breweries do… they’re special.  Quarter Barrel is one of the smallest breweries in Cincinnati, and they’re also one of the older ones. (Beat out in age by Rock Bottom, Hofbrau, Mt. Carmel, Great Crescent, Listermann and Rivertown).

We have a really great beer community in Cincinnati, and yet there is still a lot of you that haven’t tried them out.  Getting them closer is hopefully going to change that.  You should be excited about this because it’s another sign of Butler County starting to really become a destination for beer the way that it should be.

The beer is great.  The food is fantastic.  There is no reason that Quarter Barrel wont become one of your favorite places to visit!  Stay tuned for more info about this project as it develops!  Now, if we can just get Steinkeller to get something happening a little closer to home, I’d be a really happy gnome…


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